Albania "under construction"

More than 500,000 bunkers are spread on the whole territory of Albania, standing as witnesses of its turbulent past. Built by command of the leader Enver Hoxha, bunkers has become an integral part of the Albanian landscape.
The return to the country of the immigrants fled to Europe in the early nineties has increased the living conditions, but also encouraged a wave of property speculation in relation with the growing tourism from Eastern Europe.
In less than ten years a mixture of unauthorized buildings, lack of rules and easy permits has altered the Albanian coast almost entirely.

Concrete is the disheartening link between past and future.
In this war against territory, several buildings collapse before they are finished, left behind as dead bodies on a battlefield.
Even the most remote and rural regions, protected until now by lakes and mountains, are going to be reached soon by the numerous roads under construction.
The population will be confronted soon with the unregulated development of their territory.

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Korçe, 2009.

One of the 500.000 Albanian bunkers.

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